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The Cars

The Cars unite us. Shared passion for heritage, engineering, quality, performance, style… and joy of driving a Porsche is the core bond of PCA members.  Along with the Driving and Social events we all share, there are several events which focus on the machine itself. From regional events such as Concours and Tech Sessions, PCA National provide very interesting and informative resources for the continued enjoyment of owning a Porsche.

Concours (Concours d'Elegance)

A Concours is a friendly contest which showcases the beauty and style of our Porsches. Our “Shine and Show” Concours events have classes grouped  by year range and model.  Judging for cleanliness and originality is conducted using a score sheet. After the tally, awards are presented to class winners and runners up.  This is a rewarding event to participate in for  the pride of your entry and the wide range of Porsches on display.

Tech Sessions

These events are orientated to the care and maintenance of our Porsches.  They can include demos presented by industry reps on products that enhance the appearance, performance and ownership of the vehicle. Keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming Tech Sessions.

Community Events

Throughout the year we polish up our Porsches and get involved with community events. These include Car Shows, Holiday Parades, Trunk n Treats, Toy Drives, Silent Auctions and other opportunities presented to us.  Longhorn Regions strives to contribute to the welfare of our surrounding community.

PCA Tech Tactics Live

Working on your own Porsche can be daunting if you've never done it before, so in our series Tech Tactics LIVE, we'll be regularly broadcasting DIY car projects live. Visit the PCA Tech Tactics You Tube Channel and Subscribe today!

PCA Podcasts

PCA's Insider Podcast. New 60 minute episodes are uploaded here bi-weekly 16 year veteran Executive Director Vu Nguyen, and Technical Director Manny Alban are the hosts of the podcast that includes regular guests like Porsche Panorama Editor-in-Chief Rob Sass, and PCA Web Editor Damon Lowney. The latest opinions, news, and conversations about your favorite automotive brand, from fellow  PCAers that you trust. Listen to a Insider Podcast today!

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