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Concours Tips and Judging Sheet
Article and Photos by Jud Walford


Concours…How to make your car a Winner!

“Concours d’elegance” a French term for “a gathering of autos in competition and judging of
their respective merits in terms of coach work design, finish and appointments.”


Concours competition in PCA can be in several divisions and categories of cars. Categories may
include 356, 912, 914, Boxster, 996/997, 993, 991, Cayman, Cayenne/Macan. Other categories
or different combos such as “Air Cooled” may be used depending on entries.


In Longhorn Region we do not judge authenticity, but the emphasis is on cleanliness, preparation, and maintenance. The divisions range from the “Wash & Shine”,“Street”, to the more stringent “Full Concours”.

Wash & Shine has been the most frequently used competition in the Longhorn Region and the cars are judged on the interior and exterior cleanliness and maintenance of the entry. Engines and undercarriages are not judged in this division. A score sheet is used, and deductions made for the following:

Cleanliness - Any dirt, dust, grease, or lint anywhere in the judged area is a deduction…if it
looks dirty…it is.

Preparation - Surfaces should not only be clean but look as close to their original condition as from the factory.
Maintenance - The car should be free from damage…dents, scratches, rock chips and rips/
tears in interior will be deductions.

Street division encompasses all of the judged elements of wash & shine and adds engine and all storage areas.

Full Concours division includes all of the wash & shine and street judging elements plus the full undercarriage of the car. Longhorn Region does not judge full concours.
To properly prepare your car for a concours competition there are three stages of preparation:
long range, short range, and event preparation.

Long Range Prep - This can begin one or two months prior to the event and would include major defect fixes and jobs such as:
Repair any chips, tears, flaws.
Treat exterior with clay, wash, wax, leather treatment, rubber trim, tools, battery, shampoo carpets, and clean grease from all areas.

Short Range Prep -This is your most important work and should be done as close to  competition as possible:
Interior - Vacuum all interiors including headliner, wipe down all interior surfaces, seat belts,
controls, door panels, underside doors, air vents, pedals, under dash, sun visors, clean all glass,
treat rubber.

Exterior - Wash again, dry thoroughly and watch for water spots, watch for bug spots on front end and mirrors, clean all exterior glass including mirrors, clean and polish tail pipes, clean behind license (remove) treat convertible tops, clean in gas cap, clean wipers both on top and underneath, and the windshield.

Wheels - clean wheels thoroughly, wash tires before dressing, not too shinny…clean, natural look, Porsche center cap lined up with air caps.

Event Prep - You will get some dirt almost everywhere depending on how far you have to travel to competition so check: 

  • Wheels & tires, exhaust tips

  • Seats & carpet vacuum and use lint brush

  • Clean pedals

  • Front & hood for bugs

  • Check glass, windshield

  • Lint brush convertible top

  • Check engine for oil or grease


Now check for the places you haven’t thought of…that’s where the deductions lie!

Mike M. judging a car

Chuck and Susie B. judging

Jud W., Mike M., and Susie B. adding up the scores sheets

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