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Autocross is a "performance driving event" and a safe way to learn how to drive your car at its limit. You not only learn how to handle your car at speeds that you drive daily, but you also:

  • Gain confidence in your driving ability

  • Learn the limits of your car's brakes

  • Learn correct seating, hand, and feet positions

  • Learn the limits of your car's tire adhesion

  • Finally, autocross is a social gathering of new and old friends and LOTS OF FUN!

2024 Season Schedule

Time:  12 NOON

Location:  Tree of Life Church

5513 I-35, New Braunfels, TX 78132

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For 2023 we are implementing a new class structure which will allow us to run separate but parallel groups. This will allow non-Porsche cars, Novices, and Ladies compete against each other based on PAX-SCCA classes. So the classes will have a prefix, then SCCA sub-class. (Example: P (Porsche); AS (SCCA class)).
P= Porsche (then SCCA Class)
X=SCCA (then SCCA Class)
L=Ladies (then SCCA Class) Porsche only
N=Novice (then SCCA Class) Porsche only (First calendar year drivers only)

We are still early in development so if you don't see your class let me know and I can add it. If something isn't clear or if you have any questions let me know.

11:00 AM Course setup NO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 11:00 AM (Course workers only. Everybody else show up at noon)
12:00 PM tech and check-in DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 12pm!
12:30 PM course open for walking
1:30 PM tech closes
1:30 PM driver's meeting
1:45 PM line up cars and get course workers out
2:00 PM first car out


Note: when you arrive, park all the way down, next to the last person to arrive. Leave no parking gaps between the spaces. This makes it easier for the tech guys to do their job

Update from the Autocross Chair:

Great autocross yesterday! We got allot of comments on how smoothly the event went. But we can't take credit for that. Its the participants that really determine that. Everybody being where and when they should be, doing what they should be doing, and helping out without being asked is how these events work; and for that I thank you all. And special thanks to those who came out to work and didn't run. If you work a full day without running you are entitled to a free Autocross (just remind me and I'll set you up).

We are also always working diligently and making the investment all the time to improve the efficiency of our events.

We are still getting people mis-classifying their cars in registration. Please pay attention to not only to the correct SCCA class, but also the class prefix:

X=EXPERT (all others)
N=Novice (Porsche only)
L=Ladies (Porsche only)

Example: I run in X-AS (expert "A" street/stock)

If you don't see your class I can add it when you contact me.

Also: if you know you're not going to make it please cancel your registration on clubregistration so we know not to expect you. It helps us for planning run groups and work assignments.
If you are volunteering or spectating please register and sign the waiver on clubregistration.
Please refrain from bringing pets. I love animals but even the best behaved animals can become unpredictable.
If you are going to bring children they must be supervised by a non-participant.

Final note:  I think everybody will agree the lot needs to be swept again. I'm toying with the idea of having a lot sweeping party one day or at least getting everyone out there early with their brooms and blowers. If everyone chips in we should be able to get it knocked out in short order. Either way it couldn't hurt.

Let me know if you have any questions.

James Bricken
Autocross Chair

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