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Day of Checklist

1.  Sign Waiver — gets you an armband

2.  Please put armband on left wrist

3.  Check in w/ Timer at front table — Bring your helmet with you (must be “SA2010” or newer)  

    - If you do not have a helmet and need a loaner let the Timer know

    - Verify your vehicle number with the Timer

4.  Get car tech checked — this receives your window sticker

    - Take everything out of your vehicle (floor mats, loose items, bags, drinks, etc…) 

    - Open your hood and trunk

    - You cannot run without a tech check window sticker

5.  White board near the timer will have your job assignment

6.  White board near the timer will have your heat

7.  Make sure your correct vehicle number is on your car AFTER checking in with the Timer

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