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The Driving

What’s more fun than driving your Porsche?  Driving it with a group of fellow Porsche owners!  Longhorn Region members team up to deliver great driving events throughout the year. These events take careful planning, coordination and commitment to provide rewarding and safe experiences for our members.  From scenic Hill Country drives to track days at Harris Hill, there are many events waiting. We hope you will participate in as many as possible. Longhorn PCA is a run by a great group of volunteer members. We encourage you to get involved.  It is rewarding to meet new people and try new activities in your Porsche. Our Committee Chair leaders are always looking for a helping hand to deliver these fun experiences.  To get more involved, email one of our Committee Chairs about your interest.   


Longhorn Region driving events require registration (sign-up) through Club Registration .  Once you set up your user account and log in, use the Search for Events tab and scroll the By Event Host then select Longhorn Region. This search will show our upcoming events available for registration. Some events require a fee. After your event registration, important information  (text or email) will be provided as needed.

Driving Tours

Longhorn PCA members are fortunate to have the Texas Hill Country in our backyard. With the many great Texas roads around us, it’s no wonder Driving Tours are such popular events.  Our group of Tour Leaders put great effort scheduling and planning these events throughout the year. These drives provide for great scenery, fun twisty sections, interesting landmarks and camaraderie with fellow PCA members.  Tours are run on public, paved roads, and speed limits are always observed. We follow safe driving practices including single file driving, observing speed limits and no passing.  Rest stops are typically included along with a stop for a meal/snack at someplace fun.  Keep an eye on our event calendar for upcoming Driving Tours.  Hope to see you there!


Rallies are competitive events with the requirement to follow a specific course. The two major types of rallies are the Gimmick Rally and the Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally. Rallies are run on public, paved roads, and speed limits are always observed.  Longhorn Region typically holds Gimmick Rallies a couple times a year.  These are great events for couples as rallies require a driver and navigator team. A Gimmick Rally is full of puzzles and tricks. Drivers and navigators will need to observe, count things and answer questions regarding items seen along the route.   Each team is scored based on their answers showing how well you solved the puzzles along the way. Gimmick Rallies are fun!  Make it a point to participate in one of our rallies.


Autocross is an exhilarating form of motorsport. It emphasizes precise car control in a fun, low-cost, friendly and safe competition. Learn and improve your driving skills on a safe course marked by soft traffic cones typically set in a large parking lot. The car control skills you gain allow you to explore the limits of your car which makes you a safer driver on the street. Discover the fun and camaraderie of Autocross. Check out PCA’s  Tips to enjoying your first Autocross.

Driver Education (HPDE)

Our Driver Education events provide a safe, structured and controlled learning environment so members can improve their driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety. Experience first-hand the capabilities of your Porsche in a controlled, closed-course environment. Novices to advanced drivers are all welcome.  Check our events calendar for upcoming dates.

PCA SIM Racing

Sim Racing is short for simulated racing.  With the use of a strong gaming computer and a SIM RIg, drivers compete on various tracks using servers. To start you must participate in the PCA Sim Racing Entry League series. Invitations are then made for drivers to move up to one of the national level PCA Sim Racing classes.  For more in-depth information about this online PCA esport, visit

PCA Club Racing

Want so more competitive fun?  PCA Club Racing was established to provide a class for all Porsche sports cars. It’s fun, safe and clean racing; run with uniform organization and operation. Beware…this wheel to wheel competitive racing is intense. PCA Club Racing has more than 2,000 licensed racers and over 30 sanctioned races per year across the country.  Visit more information about our national Club Sport racing program.

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