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Shared Gallery

Longhorn Region PCA seeks no ownership of the Content submitted, respects and supports the rights of the creator and/or owner. No compensation will be paid or otherwise provide to the image creator and/or owner for the Content submitted to Longhorn Region PCA.  Copyright remains with the image creator and/or owner at all times and who retains all rights to the Content. By submitting Content to Longhorn Region PCA you represent and warrant to that you are the original photographer of, and accordingly all rights, including copyright in and to the Content are owned by you or you have the permission of the copyright holder and that Longhorn Region PCA is free to use the Content as provided in these Terms without obtaining permission or a license from any third party.


By uploading your Content to the Longhorn Region PCA Shared Gallery you agree that we or any member may download the image or video and:


  • Promote our organization activities and events using the Content

  • Use, reproduce, distribute and display the Content, within the scope of the various functionalities of our organization

  • Use the Content for such other purposes as may reasonably determine

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